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Alarm Systems

BH Security Israel. Alarms Israel. Security Systems Israel. Security Cameras Israel. Intercoms Israel. Safety Detectors Israel. Home Safety Israel.

Wired / Wireless
Indoor / Outdoor Sensors
App Integration – Remote Access
Video & Sound Integration
Smoke / Flood Detector Integration
Shabbat Kashrut Certification

Security Cameras

High-Definition IP Camera Systems
Long-term Footage Storage
Facial / License Plate Recognition
Anti-Vandal / Wide Range View
Sound Integration
Shabbat Kashrut Certification

Intercom Systems

Large Style Selection (Wired)
Video / Phone Integrated
Single / Multi Apartment
Codebox Function
2-Way Paging System

Screen Variations To Match Decor

Internet Networking

Office / Home Set Up
Wi-Fi Extension
File Sharing Network
Printer Sharing Network
Internet Access Points

Phone Networking

Phone Switchboard
Extension Lines
Voicemail Set Up
Functionality Selection 

Business Networking

PA Systems

High-Definition Sound
Bluetooth / App Integrated
Voice Over
Timer Scheduling

Institution/Building Systems

About BH Security

We stand on delivering quality over quantity, and promise a precision, personalized service to all our clients. Our company installs comprehensive safety and security packages for both residential and corporate clients. Being an Anglo-based business we understand your needs and expectations of a security installation company. 



Our services include security systems, cameras, sensors, intercoms, hazard detectors, sound, networking, and more! This includes repairs, system checks, system cleaning and maintenance. Our areas of service mainly Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem and central Israel. If you’d like to chat about ways to keep your property safe and secure, we’re always happy to receive your call!

Why Work With Us

              • Proven Record of Good Service Clients highly recommend us. Follow-up customer support.
              • Certified Technicians Installations lead by professionals only.
              • We Listen To Your Needs English, Hebrew or Spanish! Be understood in YOUR language.
              • Individualized Consultations Fully Individualized Assessment. Adaptable, personalized quotations.
              • Easy Financing Affordable Payment Plans. Credit Cards Accepted.

A free consultation, followed by a personalized, detailed quotation (obligation-free) is how we operate. All aspects, from start to finish, are fully transparent and discussed beforehand – so you can expect zero surprise fees at the end. 


We install only known, top-branded equipment that have reliable warranties. Our technicians receive many compliments about ensuring high-end finishes on their work (minimal visible wiring, clean-look/no clutter, no mess left behind, etc). This translates to our clients receiving the quality, sleekness and customer service they envisioned and expected.


Your technician keeps in touch with you along the way, and after the installation ensures you’re fully trained on how to operate your new system. We also remain available to answer any support questions you may still have after job completion.

How We Work

Quality Guarantee


We’ve never left an customer unsatisfied. If there’s any reason to come back and make a slight corrections or tweaks, we take care of it in a timely manner, so that you can feel safe again, fast. 


The systems we install fall under a solid 1 year warranty (some products even longer)* and are the top brands within the security space. These brands are trusted for excellence, years of product research and precision, and are far superior to the quality that can be bought and installed in a DIY capacity. (*See our FAQ Section)


We deliver quality work – you’re guaranteed to receive our undivided attention to all the finer details and have all your needs met.

Sample Projects


“I used BH Security for the first time and I was really very impressed with their work and price, but most of all the customer care they provided was outstanding. I would highly recommend them for all your security needs.”

Zalmi – Ramat Beit Shemesh

“BH Security installed cams in my store and did a terrific job. Their service is excellent. They set the cams according to my liking and even cleaned all the mess. I definitely recommend them to anybody who wants good service and good cameras.”


Avital – Central Jerusalem

When our camera wasn’t working, their technician came the day after we called. He was very professional and easy to work with. Thank you very much.”

Yacov – Ramot, Jerusalem

BH Security Israel
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