Don’t Get Ripped Off When Having a Security System Installed

Exposing some of the dangers home-owners face when choosing a security systems installer, using 2 clients’ cases.

Case 1: Paying For The Pie Despite it Being Delivered Cold.

It all started with a pizza guy in Jerusalem who decided to get a more profitable profession, “why not become a security systems installer?” he thought, ambitiously. Armed with his newly-earned title, he approached our client, Eli*, giving him the impression he knew what he was doing. He successfully installed a system with many detectors; everywhere that he felt was needed. There was just one small problem. He forgot to ask Eli if he had a pet…

Why Get a Professional Installer For Your Home Security System

Eli, proud of his new, man-sized-very-practical-toy, armed his alarm system and left his house to begin his long drive to work. Stuck in heavy traffic – and stuck in worrying if he’d arrive on time – he was suddenly shaken to attention, by the weehoo weehoo weehoo coming from his phone app. He speedily called the police and they were now on their way, he called his wife next – no answer. Being that it was school drop-off hour, she’d probably left home without her phone, amidst the morning rush. Eli swerved into the next available side street and made his way back home as fast as he could. The police arrived before him. Wife was safe. Phew. Home was unburgled. Who was the alarm-causing perpetrator? “Tiny”.

The system was deactivated and lay unplugged, awaiting help to resolve the issue. Eli called the ‘pizza guy’ numerous times, to no avail, followed by a few other companies who said they’d try help. Some showed up, some didn’t. Of those who came, best solution so far? even more detectors were added, thus bigger expenses incurred …and stronger headache tablets required!

Eli had almost given up. The issue lay unresolved. Until…

BH Security got a call from Eli, almost begging for our help, since he’d tried almost all the others to date. At this point he had a house loaded with mismatched detectors …and for the last 4 years hadn’t used his security system!… simply due to fear of false alarms.

Can I Install My Own Alarm System? How to Install My Alarm System.

Weehoo weehoo… this time it was our technician arriving to try help. Wading through the array of detectors in every possible shape, size and model, he decided to first try find a way to use the existing system and components, so that it needn’t cost Eli anything more than the basics.

Our technician noticed that there were already virtual window sensors in some of the windows which he could make use of, and landed up coming up with a solution that worked!… (of course it was a little out the box and somewhat “untraditional”) … but at least it now enabled the dog to frolic freely around his home without too much “alarming” attention. This solution [omitted here: secret recipe] eliminated false alarms, yet was still totally effective in detecting actual intruders …of the human kind.

Case 2: Honesty Beyond All – Sadly Not Everyone’s Motto.

Shlomo,* from Ramat Beit Shemesh, had become accustomed to climbing his ladder and covering his detectors with aluminum foil each erev Shabbat for the past 3 years, along with remembering to turn off the fridge light.

This weekly ritual began a year after having a wireless security system installed in his newly purchased apartment, and him detecting a major problem.

Four years prior, a renowned security company had installed his system, seemingly perfectly. They assured him it was kosher for Shabbat, which was one of his main concerns prior to installation. Everything was working fine and well, until one day Shlomo was intrigued to learn more about the technicalities of how the system actually worked.

To his utter shock – after finding the correct users manual within his box of important papers – he discovered that installed alarm system did NOT seem to come with a kashrut certificate after all. He picked up the phone the very next day to inquire.

The original installer was not reachable, so he called around. A security response company came to investigate. He saw the layout and confirmed that system was indeed not the model that was kosher for Shabbat. The inspector also jokingly remarked to Shlomo, that if he were to open up one of the detectors he’d probably find some make-shift, MacGyver-style invention that was blocking the light from appearing each time he walked by.

Coming from a technical background himself, and with piqued curiosity, Shlomo opened one of the detectors to see if this was the case. What did he find? Insulation tape! Across the LED! That was the installer’s way of making it ‘kosher’…by leading his client to believe the light was not turning on!!

(The sensor’s LED lights up when the screen inside detects movement… so by Shlomo covering the entire sensor with aluminum foil for the past 3 years, he had in fact prevented the lights from turning on [and rendering the sensor inactive]… however climbing a ladder every 7 days was not practical. If one would switch off the entire system, the sensors would still work, so this was in fact the only way to bypass them somewhat sufficiently).

After trying to contact the original company numerous times to no avail, he found us. This time we had to install a new security system – the ONLY wireless model with a kashrut certificate (by the Tzomet Institute).

Shlomo was thrilled with the new features: a handy Shabbat timer that sets the system on/off and a Shabbat switch to disarm the magnetic door sensor on the main entrance…in the case they’d need to leave for emergencies.

Picture: Sensor with insulation covering the LED

Conclusion: Become Educated & Aware Before Calling Around

After reading these 2 real-life stories, I think you’ve gotten the point…

When looking to buy or fix your security system, be sure to:

  • Only hire professional, and experienced installers.
  • Be wary of installers that want to just make money and don’t care about their customer’s actual needs.
  • Make sure your security installation company is honest and has good reviews / proof.
  • Don’t let the installer leave until you have tested the system in it’s entirety.
  • Educate yourself about what systems or features may be the right for you.

*Real names have been changed

To learn more about what systems are out there, feel free to give us a call. We can also come do a free, no obligation, assessment of your premises. See more articles on our Resources page to familiarize yourself more on the subject.

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